Like an amusement park full of fun and enjoyment.
As if the playground smiled at kids’ laughter

Playground Rules

* Open to children from 6 months up to 13 years old.
* The parent / guardian is solely responsible for the child's well-being.
* Jkids is NOT responsible for guest's belongings.
* No Food or Drink allowed in Playground area.

Socks are required for both children and adults.
* Socks are available for purchase.

Our playground equipments are maintained on a daily basis


This is dirt-free sandpit of tea seeds. Its texture is like beads! Sandpit is the most popular in ASOBI J LAND. Carrying the sand with trucks, making a sand mountain...Good for imagination and creativity!

Rainbow Ball Pool

Jump and swim in the colourful pool! Let’s play and send balls with toy missilles! Zoom!

Hopping Balloons

Bounce and jump on the colorful round-and-round balloons!

Thrilling Slide

Long and wide! Slide and climb! Who’s the winner? Safety mat is placed at the bottom of the slide. Available for up to 4 kids.

Flower Coffee Cup Ride

Flower petals motif cup is popular among girls! A good place for chats!?!

Hamster Wheel

Run run run like a hamster! Feels like a treadmill!

Dynamic Coffee Cup Rides

This is one of our popular rides! Enjoy spinning round and round!

Light-up slide

Kids can be like a superstar on the colour-changing slide!
This short ride is suitable for infants as well.

Dreamy Trampoline

How hight can you jump? It is available for one kid. There is no worry about bumping!

Fun Fun Balloon Room

This separated room is filled with a lot of colourful balloons floating in the air!

Round-and-round Fancy Palm Trees

Are you ready? Hold a bar and let’s go on a forest adventure!