Let's PARTY together!

Precious time here at ASOBI J LAND

Party information

Fix the Date and Time
Include Room decoration with ballons and birthday banner Free invitation card ( Soft Copy only )
Free admission for Birthday kid avalable for next visit Table cloth 1 sheet/Extension RM50 per hour

Open kids from 6 months up to 13 years old
Adults are FREE

Food ( Package Type ) -Kids Menu – RM300 for 15 kids

Package A
Fried Rice
French Fries
30 Chicken Nuggets
20 Fried Fishballs
20 Mini Cheese Tarts
Orange Cordial

Package B
Fried Noodles
30 Tuna Sandwiches
30 Chicken Nuggets
20 Sticks of Sausages
20 Chocolate Mint Tarts
Orange Cordial

Food ( Package Type ) -Adults Menu – RM600 for 20 pax

Package C
Fried Mee Hoon
Chicken Rendang or
Fried Chicken
40 Toast Tuna Sandwiches
30 Sticks of Sausages
30 Pieces of Nyonya Kuih
Orange Cordial

Package D
Mamak Mee Goreng
40 Toast Egg Sandwiches
30 Fried Spring Rolls
30 Fried Fishballs
30 Potato Curry Puffs
Orange Cordial

Vegetarian Menu

- Confirmation of order:
3 days before party day
- Including... Plate, Cup, Fork & Spoon

Package E – RM600 for 20 pax

Vege Fried Mee Hoon
 30 Fried Spring Rolls
Vegetables Curry
 30 Potato Curry Puffs
Mixed Vegetables
 Orange Cordial

Additional Orders for 20 pax

*Mixed Fruits RM50
*Potato salada RM40
*Rose Jelly RM30
*Potato Curry Puffs RM30
*Fried Spring rolls RM30

Food( Buffet Type )

Set A RM28 per set

Spaghetti Bolognese
Tuna Sandwich
Cream Puff
Chocolate Cake
Fruit Tart
Orange Cordial

Set B RM33 per set

Spaghetti Bolognese
Frid Chicken Boxer
Fried Spring Roll
Chicken Sausage / Cheese Tart
Agar ‒ agar Pudding
Egg sandwich / Soya Bean

Set C RM38 per set

Fried Mee Mamak
Prawn Fritter
Chicken Boxer
Two Type of Assorted Cake & Kuih
Tuna Sandwich
Cheese & Fruit Tart
Blackcurrant Cordial

- Minimum Order 30 sets - Confirmation of order: 3 days before party day

- Including... Plate, Cup, Fork & Spoon
- with 2 Waiters Service (Extra RM106 on Public Holidays)


Chocolate Fountain RM500 for 50-150pax

** 2kg Chocolate
**1kg Strawberry
**1kg Grapes
**500g green apple
**500g Stick Biscuits
**1kg Marshmallow

Candy Buffet RM600 for 50-100 pax

• 5 types of candies
(Marshmallow, Jelly Beans,
Lollipop, 2 colorful candies)
• Pop Cake ‒ 50 pcs
• Apam Polkadot ‒ 100 pcs
• Fruits Tart or Blueberry Tart
‒ 50pcs

Birthday Cake

♡Val Bakery♡
Decoration Cake
from RM234
180 ×1.3×1.06
→Val Bakery


Face Painting
‒ RM350 per hour
Balloon Clown
‒RM350 per hour
Magical Clown
‒ RM550 per hour
Mr. John Show ( Comedy Puppet )
‒ RM600 per hour
Mascot Appearance
Hello Kitty, Barney, Pororo
30mins. RM300 / 45mins. RM400
- RM250 with lots of candy and chocolate

Party Snap&Party Packs

Party Snap

Professional photographer shoots your party scene!
Customize your original photo-book!
Softcopy RM500
Premium photo book RM1000

Party Packs

RM10 per pax
Available for Girl, Boy, Unisex
Stationery, Snacks,
chocolate, candy
*Snacks appeared in picture
may change due to stocks

Have a special time with a lot of smiles

Your birthday party dream comes true!

“We want that decoration!”, “How about this lovely cake?”
-We are pleased to make your requests happen and celebrate your birthdays together. Please feel free to ask any questions.

“Whose party are we having?”

“Do you remember that moment?”
“We can do it next year again!”

Bright memories are always in our hearts. Birthday parties with friends, memorable family time and unforgettable anniversary celebration…
Make your party “one and only” and special.

Party Rules

□Both kids and adults are required to wear socks
 inside playground and party room
□Minimum 5 kids admissions are required
□Party hosts are allowed to enter party room to prepare
 from 30 minutes before party starts

□Payment of Room Charge RM265 and Add-ons** are required
 as deposit to reserve the party room.
 NO return of Deposit.
** Food and Clown: 100% deposit (No Refund)
** Other Add-ons: 50% deposit (No Refund)

□Cancellation Policy
 Room Charge: 100% is chargeable if the reservation is canceled
 within 14 days before party date.
 Change of reservation Date and Time is not acceptable
 within 14 days before party date.