Playground like a park kids can play every day

It is difficult for kids to play freely outside as the weather is severly hot all year and crimes such as kidnapping are still happening. ASOBI J LAND provides the enjoyable and safe environment that kids can play every day at reasonable prices as community-based indoor parks.

Protect precious kids

True excitement starts with protecting kids’ security and safety. We work on noticing kids’ health condition and taking quick action by checking their body temperature when it is necessary, and we are thorough about sanitizer at the entrance. Wearing socks inside our playground is compulsory. We do maintenance management for equipments and offer clean environment sharing and improving it among staff at each ASOBI J LAND.

ASOBI J LANDでは、出入り口での消毒ジェル除菌を徹底し、店内では靴下の着用を義務付けています。また熱を測ってスムーズに対応できる体制を作っています。遊具メンテナンス管理、清潔な環境を提供すること、これらを徹底して行い、チーム一丸となってお子様をしっかりと守る環境作りに努めています。

More and more smiles with friends

Besides protecting kids, there is one more thing we value, which is bringing radiant smiles to kids’ faces. Even kids might be sensitive and feel stressed like adults, that is why we hope they smile from the bottom of their hearts and express happiness running around, laughing and feeling joyful to make new friends. Getting to know their friends and themselves through playgrounds can lead to nurturing a caring heart.


We contribute to society through kids’ playground

Various individualities are shining here at ASOBI J LAND where kids from around the world come and play. We fulfill our mission that we foster each personality and relaxed mind tying up with kindergartens and primary schools and providing productive playgrounds.

世界の子供たちが集まるASOBI J LANDには、多様な個性が輝いています。遊び場から子供たちの個性やのびのびとした精神を育むことが私たちの使命です。幼稚園や小学校とも連携して、実りある遊び場を提供しています。