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Price List

Everyday playtime at a modest price

We keep our loyalty to our customers from various perspectives.



Night Promotion After 7pm  RM20

Multi Visit Pass(5visits)


1visit RM25

Member Passport Annually


Half Yearly RM500

AJL’s omotenashi

We provide exciting and comfortable playgrounds for every customer.


We aim at customer service that staff have a good grasp of kids’ individual behaviours.


Free WiFi is available. Parents or guardians can enjoy their time working, browsing the internet or uploading some photos / videos of your kid’s fun playtime on SNS.

AJLでは、無料Wifiを完備しております。お仕事をしたり、お好きなインターネットを楽しんだり、お子様の遊ぶ姿をSNSにUPしたり、お子様を見守りながらも お好きな時間を過ごすことができます。

We promise to always make the environment filled with excitement and entertainment offering not only pleasant playtime but also some regular enjoyable events.


We keep in mind to provide a clean and tidy playground by doing thorough cleanup and sterilization by our staff for everyday use, which is one of our missions for kids’ safety.


All the playground equipments are checked by professional maintenance services regularly so that kids can enjoy in a safe and comfortable place.

こどもたちが遊ぶ すべての遊具は、頻繁に専門メンテナンススタッフが見回りすることで、いつでも安全かつ快適に楽しめるよう努めております。